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I call them “fries” because they look like it but in reality the sweet potato creations have been microwaved and then baked in the oven. The grease level is virtually non existent. Sometimes I feel like coating them in a light amount of olive oil but other times I simply spritz them with light cooking spray. This time olive oil won because the healthy fats were calling my name.

Like I said earlier, I merely microwave a sweet potato for 5 minutes (after poking it a few times with a knife to avoid an explosion). Once it cools a bit, I slice it up randomly and place it on a baking sheet after coating it with a tad bit of olive oil. Seasonings vary depending on the day. Today was simply salt and pepper but we’ve been known to sprinkle some cajun spices once in a while. Also, as you may have noticed, I leave the skin on to increase the fiber count.
serve with a heaping dallop of ketchup and you are ready to enjoy. I find that I typically serve these sweet potato “fries” with a garden burger or boca burger. Yes, my husband has been trained to eat and enjoy both.

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